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While these projects run under the banner of a UK Limited Company, we do not operate on a profit-making model. The reason we don't operate as a registered charity is that we aren't a charity, which is fairly evident. What we do, however, is prepare & produce radio-quality broadcasts, maintain our own website & publish our work for you, the listener, for fun. These projects are completely supported by you & ever since we began back in 2007 we've paid for our audio imaging, internet bandwidth, server hosting, iTunes integration, publisher/artist/band royalties, invested in technology to improve & maintain our services as best as possibl, along with so many other details. It costs us a fair amount of money each month, but we could always do with a little help now & again. We pride ourselves on being run & owned as a free-for-all service with a true love for the music, the bands & most of all you ... our listeners. We're not influenced by a few power-&-money-hungry members. This means that we need you to be a part of our philosophy. We like to think that we can be the on-air champion for unsigned artists & bands, all around the world. So we'd like to encourage all of you to contribute in any way that you feel you can.

For those of you who can, we ask that you make a small donation whenever possible; every little bit counts. For those of you who would like to but are unable, but listen all the same, then appreciate your support, & you spread The Rock Show gospel. Thanks for your help!

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